LinkedIn vs. Resume: What Is the Difference?

There is a difference between your LinkedIn profile and your resume. Many times, people assume, “My LinkedIn profile should be sufficient.” While both media share overlapping purposes of summarizing your work history and background, a resume highlights your current accomplishments and experiences – paraphrased within a limited space. Remember, it’s only 8.5″ x 11″, targeting 2 pages max. Treat your resume as “real estate.”

On the other hand, LinkedIn is a professional network with infinite space to delve into your CHALLENGE, ACTION, and RESULT – or what we at Career Navigation refer to as “C.A.R.” This is a social media site that aims to add value to your professional identity – e.g. a project, colleague, organization, company, client.

Having a defined C.A.R. will help navigate your career path. Consider using our job tracker in the link below to chart out your next step, keep tabs of your contacts, and visually organize future interviews. Remember, the interview process is not just a doorway to a potential new job but also a platform to expand your professional network.