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Client Information

Partnering with clients in creating a search “roadmap” in identifying top-notch candidates for specific job openings is our forte. This roadmap is customized based on the the specific needs and requirements of the client. The chart below gives an outline of this process. This unique process has been fine tuned through years of experience and differentiates Career Navigation from others.

Search Roadmap:

Phase One

  • Listen to and assess client’s needs regarding the open position.
  • Discuss client’s culture and organization.
  • Obtaining client’s prequalifying questions for specific position.
  • Construct ideal candidate profile, including qualifications, background, responsibilities, and other key factors

Phase Two

  • Conduct an executive search using a large network of professionals within the target industries affiliations with top professional organizations.
  • Research the exclusive Career Navigation database.
  • Utilize direct recruiting based on client’s parameters.

Phase Three

  • Thoroughly evaluate the Candidate’s background, qualifications, and fit with the Client organization
  • Develop the Candidate’s interests in the position
  • Complete and present reference checks
  • Identify and present final Candidate

Phase Four

  • Negotiations
  • Hire the desired Candidate
  • Ensure the Candidate’s smooth, efficient transition into the Client’s organization
  • Follow up with other Candidates regarding the close of the search

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