Announcing TIPs

At a recent networking event, a fellow recruiter gave me the “wet noodle” handshake. I was shocked – to say the least. As a business professional, especially a recruiter, I have accepted that a firm handshake in any environment is a given. However, what may seem like common sense in the business world may not seem so obvious to others. Even the sharpest professionals with years of experience under their belt can commit these simple faux pas. But the fact is, we are humans, and as humans, we are prone to err. That is how we learn.

From time to time, people tend to overlook the little details (e.g. soft handshake, averting eye contact, closed body language); therefore I have decided to start these blogs, known as “TIP” (The Important Point). Are you ready to nail your next interview? Then the TIP blog may just be what you need to unlock and (re-)polish those latent interview skills.

TIP divides the interview process into three distinct stages: before, during, and after interviews. Bite-size blogs will be posted via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Lengthier articles will be linked back to Career Navigation’s website under “TIP Blog.”